1995 Mexican VW Beetle
  VW continued production of the original air-cooled beetle in Mexico all the way up to the 2004 model year, ending production with a special "Ultima Edicion" (Final Edition) of which only 3000 were made.  This particular beetle is a 1995 Mexican production beetle installed on a 1968 pan.  The only legal way to posses a Mexican production beetle in the USA is to use an early VW beetle pan and wholly restore it with the body/engine/interior/etc. of a Mexican vehicle.  There were a few companies that made a business out of "restoring" older beetles with Mexican cars throughout the years.  Beetlmex, a company out of Nogales, Arizona was in the business of bringing Mexican beetles to the US.  This is one of those cars.

It's neat to see what changes were made as these cars were still being produced in Mexico.  This is one of the last years that the Mexican cars had chrome trim and side moldings, chrome dual mirrors, and the crescent vent behind the rear window, chrome headlight rings, but color matched bumpers (with integrated turn signals)-  not to mention a more updated modern interior.  It has a 1600cc fuel injected engine with swing axle transmission.  I found this car on craigslist in 2011 right in my back yard over the NH/Maine Border. 

This Beetle is for sale, email Ross!

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