1990 VW Fox Wagon.

  For whatever reason, the Fox wagon has always been an interesting car to me.  Only available in the US from 1987 to 1990, the wagon had a style all it's own.  Produced in Brazil, the Fox was VW's economy car, being sold at a price point below the Golf and offering a decent ride and reliability at a very decent price.  Nowadays, the FOX isn't tremendously popular among VW Enthusiasts but certainly does have a following of its own.  I took this FOX wagon in on a trade towards a New Beetle "Herbie" I had created for my car lot.  I lowered the car with Brazilian springs from and replaced the rest of the suspension at the same time (Tremendous difference in ride).  Thanks to Chris at Force 5 in Concord for the 5-spoke "Flyer" alloy wheels.  I needed to add H&R 5mm spacers to prevent from rubbing.  The car also has a brand new Techtonics exhaust which gives it a nice sound and a little more pull out on the road.

I had the car completely professionally repainted in VW "Jazz Blue Pearl," a color most notably found on the 20th Anniversary GTI, but also available on earlier Cabrios and GTI's too.  Certainly an interesting car which I created more for the fun of it than anything else.  This FOX even has the factory flip-up sunroof!  Click here to go back.

Pictures from 2008:

Here are some pictures of what I started with: