1987 Volkswagen Gol
The Gol is the Brazilian market version of our US VW Fox.  This Gol was found on Craigslist in Texas.  It was brought to the US by an alternative fuel testing company and was modified to run on various forms of alcohol and other fuels.  It was not running when I found it.  I purchased the car, shipped it to NH, cleaned the fuel system and added a fuel pump and go the car running again!  As far as I know, this is the only one of its kind in the USA.  This Gol has traveled only 1865km since new (Only 1158 miles!!).  It sat for many years in the Texas sun and as a result the upholstry has "baked" away, but still a fascinating "time-warp" kind of car (still has the original 13" Brazilian Firestone tires and factory wiper blades!!) Click here to go back.