1985 VW Jetta Stretch Limousine
One of two custom built Limousines done by a Canadian Coach builder in the early 90's.  My father told me when I was young of a stretch Jetta he saw at an car auction in Pennsylvania.  Every once in a while I would search for info on such a Limo, and at the beginning of 2009 saw a "Project Car Hell" posting on pitting this Limo found on craigslist against a Caddilac Camper conversion.  The Caddy won.  I followed through on the craigslist posting, and bought the Limo within a week.  It's been through a few owner's hands in recent years, and has had the original tired engine/automatic tranny pulled.  I plan for a full ABA and Manual transmission swap... someday this Limo will be back on the road!   It's a big project, and I don't expect to be finished any time soon. For now here are the pictures from the ad where the car was posted.

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