1984 VW Rabbit L - 8K Miles!

  This 1984 Rabbit has traveled only 8K Miles since new.  I purchased it from a fellow VW Collector in Tennessee.  The car was originally owned by one elderly female owner who barely ever drove it.  The dealer she purchased it from offered to buy it back in 1992, where it was kept in dry storage until about 2005.  This Rabbit is so close to showroom condition, it's amazing!  It's like it came out of a time warp.  The VW dealer that owned the car brought it into their shop EVERY year and changed all the fluids in the car to keep it showroom fresh (records present to verify).  I'm currently looking to sell this car for $12,500

Here is a video walkaround of the car:


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Here are some photos of the car when I purchased it in 2007: