1984 VW Rabbit GTI - 90K Miles!

  This 1984 Rabbit GTI has traveled only 90K Miles since new, and is remarkably original.  I purchased it from a fellow VW Enthusiast in Minnesota.  I saw the car originally on (great site) and started talking to the owner about possibly purchasing the car and doing what was necessary to get it back to good running condition.  This is sort of a "preservation" car in that it has never been modified, and other than a couple panels having been repainted in the past it is largely as it left the factory in Westmoreland, PA back in 1984.  The car received new H&R OE Sport Springs, KYB Excel-G Shocks, Techtonics Exhaust with Borla Muffler, shift linkage rebuild, and a general light cosmetic restoration.  I've decided the car is so original that I'm going to leave the little bumps and bruises and preserve this one.  Where the low original miles really show are that the seats aren't torn, the headliner isn't sagging, the dash isn't cracked, all the things that normally happen on this generation of GTI haven't really gone bad yet.  Have a look!

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