1979 VW Super Beelte Convertible 'Epilog'

  This 1979 Beetle Convertible came on trade at the VW Dealership in Rochester, NH.  My family happened to be driving by one day and saw it in the showroom with a microphone pointed at the front (from the give the people what they want advertising campaign).  I gave the owner a call and made a deal to purchase the car and add it to my collection.  Months later, a fellow enthusiast stopped by my dealership with boxes of brochures and literature that he had retrieved from a closed down VW dealership in Massachusetts.  I purchased the lot from him, and started combing through it.  Included were about two dozen original window stickers from the 70's, one of which happened to be the original window sticker for this very car.  It was quite a coincidence to have the car and the window sticker both come my way within the same few month period.  All in all this is an extremely low mileage original example of the last of the 1979 Beetles offered for sale worldwide.  Click here to go back.

Some photos from the day I bought the car: