1978 VW Derby
This 1978 Derby has only 49,000 Original KMs, which is only about 30K Miles!  Derby's were essentially VW Polo's with a Trunk.  A Company in Maryland (eCodeParts) had brought over some early classic water-cooled cars back in 2006.  This Derby came from Germany and was sold to a VW Enthusiast in Delaware (Daryl).  It still wears its original German plate on the front.  Daryl had brought the car to some shows where it drew quite a crowd, placing second in one.  The car has been lowered, and is quite tight. He reluctantly ended up offering the car for sale, and knowing it was going to a good home we struck a deal in March of 2008.  The car was repainted the original Yellow, and two-toned with a black roof, a theme seen on some early Karmann Ghias.  The interior really shows the lack of mileage and originality to this car, a remarkable survivor.  Click here to go back.