1960 VW Single Cab Pickup
Summer, 2007.  My folks are visiting my grandparents in Hampton Beach, NH and I get a phone call from my father.  "There's this yellow VW Pickup in great shape, you should come down here and check it out!" I took a ride toward the coast and checked the truck out.  It was in remarkable condition, with no rust anywhere to be found on the floors or belly.  I called the number on the for sale sign and was met by former New England Patriot and Radio Host Russ Francis.  Russ had purchased the Pickup from a family in California that had owned it for many decades and took great care of it.  He drove it all the way back to NH and with a more appealing Deluxe Project on the horizon, decided to put the truck for sale.  One thing let to another, and I drove it home that night.

Originally Mouse Grey, the truck had been repainted once in Brown, and again in its current Bright Yellow color.  I got the drop-gates with the purchase, but chose to keep the Custom Wood rails you see below.  You can see the rear wheel wells were cut as well to allow for the huge tires in the back.  Pretty cool!   Click here to go back.

New Windows Seals, July 2012: