2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2 V10 TDI 'Individual'
This is as much Touareg as VW ever sold in the US Market.  In fact the 2008 V10 TDI models were not actually certified for sale and had to be sold to VW Dealers after the EPA restrictions tightened in 2008.  50 or so Touareg 2 V10TDI models were already imported and "grandfathered" into this market!  This V10TDI has over 288K Miles and I use it to pull my one car trailer around.  It has every option VW ever offered on a Touareg including 4-zone climate, air suspension, navigation, Dynaudio, backup camera, etc.  I outfitted it to look like the 2007 'Individual' special edition model in the EU Market.  Click here to go back.