2002 VW Eurovan MV

I found this 2002 Eurovan for sale by its original owner on Craigslist in 2014.  It had sad for a few years and was in need or some repairs and reconditioning. I had the Van lowered with H&R Sport springs, replaced the front control arm bushings, gave it a full tune up, service, brakes, 4 new Michelin tires, repaired a dent on the door, and have been meticulously making it as new again.  It is a very original low mileage Eurovan.  The Transmissions tend to be the weak links with T4 Eurovans, fortunately this Van had a warranty replacement at 47K.  Techno Blue was always my favorite color for the Eurovan which is what drew me to this one in the first place.  Check out the photos below.  Click here to go back.

Here are some photos on the original wheels:

Some photos of the Van when I purchased it: