Dan & Kim Watson's Harlequin

Update: 9/2006:  "We're no longer in Bristol, Florida but are now in Carrington, North Dakota which is where Kim was born and what she has always considered to be her home town. Her car is a favorite here in town and everyone always knows where and who we are when they see it around town. This car has been an absolute joy to own and is by far the best car we've ever owned... and considering that between us we've owned twenty six cars (including the Harlequin) over the years that's saying alot.

We purchased the car new in Tallahassee, Florida from the Buick dealer which at that time was the VW dealer in Tallahassee. It had 175 original miles on it when purchased in 1997 if I remember correctly... and that was from them taking it out on test drives with potential buyers.

Needless to say our whole family loves our car... I dare say the entire town does and I hope to be able to purchase another one at some point down the road. But I have to save my pennies for a bit before that can happen."