Harlequin #1 of 200

About three weeks ago I acquired Harlequin #1 of the 200 run from its second owner. The car is in need of saving, and I have too many projects going to give this one the time it needs. Car is a Ginster Yellow based Harlequin, and the VIN puts it as #1 of the 200 run (3VWFA81H3TM113319) according to my registry and VW's documentation. The car overall is rough, with the worst of it being the right strut tower is rotted and in need of repair. It is automatic, and runs/drives/shifts/stops. Would love to see the car brought back, and wish I could do it myself. I'm asking for $3500/obo and the car is in NH. I'm always open to interesting VW based trades, but would prefer an outright sale to someone that wants to take this car on. Car has 140K miles. 2 Owners.